2016 TCA Board of Governors

Justin Clay – Chairman of the Board

Whit Ferguson – President

Eric Durden – Vice President of Membership

Diane Bloodworth – Vice President of Scholarship

David Hospodor – Vice President of Sponsorships

Patrick Norris – Secretary – Publicity Committee Chair

John F. McMullen – Treasurer, Budget Committee Chair

Jordan Kiel – Community Relations Committee Chair

John Haynes – Events Committee Chair

Brad Walsh – History & Technology Committee Chair

Quint Andrews – Finance Committee Chair

Tyler Caswell – Awards Committee Chair

Dennis Caniglia – President Emeritus TCA-NFF Chapter

Ronni Rynning – Scholarship Committee Secretary

Members at Large:

Brandon Burrows

Justin Connell

John Dooley

Art Eckman

Adam Gordon

David Graham

Matt Mautz

Michael McCord

Rick McCully

Ted McMullan

Neal Papevies

Marisa Simpson

Jeff Wallace

Paul Weathington

Matt Wilson

Reagan Wolfe


Posted on

January 28, 2016