The 2019 George Morris Student Athlete Scholarship Application

Complete the Application in its entirety. Upload a copy of your transcripts and a head shot picture of your self. Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed. If you have any questions or issues with the application, then please email Craig Norton atĀ and Dennis Caniglia at

Candidate's Full Name:
Candidate's E-mail:
Candidate's Address:
Candidate's Cell Phone Number:
Parent's Names:
Parent's Phone Number:
Parent's Email:
Name as you would like it on the award:
Name of High School:
High School Region:
High School Classification:
Principal's Name:
Principal's E-mail:
Principal's Phone:
Head Coach's Name:
Head Coach's E-mail:
Head Coach's Phone?
Athletic Director's Name
Athletic Director's E-mail:
Athletic Director's Phone:
Candidate's Grade Point Average/Scale (example 3.64 on a 4.0 Scale):
Candidate's Class Rank/# in Class (example 10th/350 in Class):
Best Year SAT/ACT Scores on Verbal and Math:
Academic Honors:
What College Will you be attending?
High School Football Participation (Select highest level for each season):
Position(s) Played:
Community Service and Leadership Activities:
High School Football Honors (list all):
Other Sports Played:
Are there any other extra curricular activities we should know about?
What makes you the best candidate for the George Morris Student Athlete Scholarship?
If all requirements have not been met, please indicate when TCA/NFF can expect them?
If selected, will you be attending the scholarship awards event in Atlanta?
I certify that all of this information is correct and any false information will disqualify me for consideration of a scholarship.*
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January 12, 2016