1993 Bobby Dodd National Lineman of the Year

Travis Stroud, Dunwoody High School (Dunwoody, Georgia) DT 6’3″ 265 lbs.

The statistics on Travis Stroud read like a dream list by a recruiter. He is 1/2″ and weighs in at 265#. He a grade point average of 3.4 and will have no trouble enter-any college he chooses. His lastic traits come directly from parents Willie and Adella ud. Travis’ parents have been ng influences in his life and it s when you talk to him. Travis his parents said, “All in all, it’s a competitive game and my mom dad taught me once I start thing, never give up, complete it to the end.”

Travis was responsible, this season, this season for 77 solo tackles, 44 for losses, 53 assists, caused 33 fumbles and recovered 18 while sacking the opponents quarterback 21 times. His coach, Coach Kelly, first saw Travis when his older brother, a star base-ball player at the time, brought him to school to visit. He introduced him to Coach Kelly and when Coach ask him “Son where are you going to school?” everyone began laughing. Kelly didn’t know the reason for the laughter cause he just wanted to know what college he was attending. Travis was 6’3″ and 280 lbs that day in the halls of Dunwoody but was only in the seventh grade.

Kelly has stayed in constant touch with Travis since that day. Now at 6’3 1/2″ and 265# Travis runs the 40 in 4.8 seconds and bench presses 330#. Travis satisfied his SAT require-ments as a junior and now has visit-ed many of the big name academic/football schools in the country. Among the ones he is interested in are Notre Dame, FSU, Florida, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia and possibly Georgia.

Congratulations and all the best wishes for a brilliant future Travis and come back to visit us as often as you can.


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January 18, 2016