1992 Bobby Dodd National Lineman of the Year

Willie Anderson, Vigor High School (Prichard, Alabama). OT 6’6″ 305 lbs.

At six-foot-six, 305 pounds, big Willie Anderson contributed plenty to Coach Harold Clark and the Vigor Wolves.

Thanks to Anderson’s size 191/2 feet, Coach Clark got the chance to contribute something to Anderson. Either that or see Anderson play barefoot.

Vigor High School couldn’t find equipment to fit Anderson, especially shoes. In fact, Clark said he called virtually every major college in search of shoes for Anderson.

“I called them all to see if any school had a player wearing size 19 and a half shoes.- said Clark. “The closest I got was at Texas A&M, where they had a player wearing a size 18. Finally, we got Nike to make Willie two pairs of shoes. I called the Athletic Association of Alabama, and asked, ‘I’m not break-ing any rules am I in getting a kid a pair of shoes? ‘ They told me I wasn’t.”

Properly shod, Anderson dominated the line of scrimmage from the time he began starting as a freshman.

“He is a natural offensive tackle,” said Curry. “He grades out better than 90 per-cent every ballgame. He obviously has great size, great stature, good speed and quick feet.

“I’ve coached over 30 years and Willie is the best offensive lineman I’ve ever seen or coached,” said Curry. “He has a great attitude and is an exceptional kid. You’ll see him playing on TV as a great one.”

As of late January, Anderson planned to pay recruiting visits to Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi State.


Graded 90 percent or better in every game his senior year.


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January 18, 2016