I.M. Sheffield, Jr. Loyalty Award

This award is the Touchdown Club’s tribute to non-officer members who have excelled in their service to the club and is given at the direction of the President of the Club. These members have shown extraordinary loyalty and untiring devotion to the game of football and the Club.

2009 Lee Baker

2008 Rick McCully

2007 John McMullen

2001 Tony McIntyre

2000 Curtis McGill

1999 Frank J. Murphy

1998 Jim Arnett

1997 Zack Cullens

1996 Terry Foster

1995 Rusty Epperson

1994 Rudy Lumpkin

1993 Don Flowers

1992 Noah Langdale

1991 John McMullan

1990 Carlton “Corky” Kell

1989 Everett Thomas

1988 George Gardner

1987 George Crumbley

1986 C.H. Red Emmert

1985 Johnny Hunsinger

1984 Vic Impeciato

1983 Joe Fine

1982 Jerry Priestly

1981 Massey Clarkston

1980 Herb Reese

1979 D.L. Clayborn


Posted on

January 28, 2016